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What is Massage?
There are more than 150 variations of massage and many therapists use multiple techniques. These techniques may include stroking, kneading, compression, tapping, rocking, vibration, friction, and pressure to muscles or soft body tissues. Oils, lotions, and powders are also utilized to reduce friction on the skin.

The Benefits of Massage
All types of people can benefit from massge including business executives, athletes, housewives, infants, seniors, etc. Massage can help relieve stress which experts believe may account for around 85% of disease. Clients may also benefit from massage who are being treated for other problems including fatique, high blood pressure, low back pain, post operative surgery, depression, etc.

Physiological Benefits of Massage:
Better circulation which helps oxygen and nutrients reach body tissues and vital organs
Increased joint flexibility
Reduced recovery time and pain following strenuous workouts for athletes
Release of endorphins - the body's natural painkillers - which helps relieve pain related to illness, injury, and surgery recovery
Reduces edema and post-surgery adhesions during healing
Better range of motion and decreased discomfort for patients experiencing low back pain

Relieves pain from migraine headaches and decreases the need for medication

When Not to Get a Massage
Massage is contra-indicated (not recommended) if certain medical conditions (e.g. fever, infections, cardiac problems, etc.) are determined by your therapist during the initial indication. A physician's approval may be required if this is the case.

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Massage Gift Certificates are available at our Honolulu massage therapy clinic near Waikiki
Your Massage with Us - What to Expect

Walk-in massage clients are welcomed at our Honolulu Waikiki massage establishmentMake an Appointment: Call 808-941-8101 to make an appointment and arrive 15 minutes early. Walk-in clients are also welcomed.
Parking: Enter the Century Center building parking lot and ask the parking attendant for The Massage Specialists parking pass. Then check in on the 5th floor in suite 512.
Meet Your Therapist: Your theraist will greet you, take you to the massage room, and consult with you about your medical conditions (if any) and ask questions to determine what type of massage you are looking for that will fulfill your expectations.
What Parts of Your Body will be Massaged: Tell your therapist what body parts you want massaged, how much pressure you like, and your intended outcome.

During the Massage: Relax, close your eyes, and make yourself comfortable. Immediately tell your therapist if you feel any kind of discomfort.
After the Massage: Your therapist will leave the room allowing you time to dress. It is customary to leave gratuity for your therapist. Take a shower or use the sauna at this time if you'd like.
Gift Certificates: We offer massage gift certificates which can be purchased over the pone and mailed to you or the recipient. Our gift certificates expire 2 years from date of issue and are transferable.

Massage by Apprentice: A massage apprentice is a massage license persuant completing 420 hours of practical training - after having completed 50 hours of class instruction in anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, theory, and demonstration. These requirements must be met to take the Hawaii State exam.
Do You Accept Insurance? Currently, we do not accept insurance but can recommend the right therapist for your situation.

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